Cowgirls Live Forever

As a local event planner, I work with a lot of vendors and CE Group's Creative team and Goods Collective is always my first stop. Every time I work with Shane, I walk away with a beautiful, creative and just outstanding product. My clients are happy every time. Thanks for making me look good!!


Every year the San Antonio Rodeo has their annual Cowgirls Live Forever Scholarship Fundraiser. For many years they have relied on our Creative and Goods Collective team to partner with them in order to help with establishing their event identity theme utilizing their existing brand and adapting it to that year’s honoree’s style and interests.


Maintaining brand, colors, and elements consistently is key for any successful event. It ensures that attendees feel like everything is in order, is well thought out, and the expectation of a great experience is set. In this case we knew that the honoree was very involved in ranching, and shared with us a couple of her own cattle brands. We then built a series of cattle brands, not only relevant to her specifically, but also connected to the event in general. These icons became central to the theme and additional graphic elements were added, as well as color themes and textures that added depth to the identity. This level of attention to detail brings authenticity as well as underlines the legitimacy of the event, creating an even better perception of an already worthy cause.

Our goal is to always create elements and collateral that connect with the honoree, event, and audience; as well as the event’s return on impressions and investment. When we develop event identities, we don’t just create a logo or brand for an event, we create a whole experience around it.

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