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The CE DMC team far exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism and expertise is unmatched in the industry. I highly recommend the CE DMC for any and all transportation needs.


An opportunity to showcase our logistical strengths presented itself when we worked with a client on a program at the beginning of 2023. We needed to dispatch 6 different tours using 10 buses for nearly 500 people in a span of 30 minutes from a hotel that doesn’t have the space to accommodate the number of buses we used. On top of this, each tour only had a 2-hour timeframe so that guests had enough time to get ready for the closing evening event. Each tour had at least 2 different stops, so we had to ensure that the drivers knew exactly what times they needed to arrive/depart and where to pick up/drop off at each location and that the tour guides stuck to the stringent timelines.


To successfully execute this, we had to first connect with the hotel event manager and valet team to find out what space we could use to stage the buses. Then, we had to make a schedule of how and when each bus would be dispatched. Additionally, we had to ensure that we had the right staff to help dispatch the tours and help move the buses.
Initially, we met with the hotel team and communicated with them what we needed to do and how we intended to get it done. We also asked the valet team if we could have some reserved space underneath the porte-cochere to stage our minibuses, as well as what space around the perimeter of the hotel would be best to stage the motorcoaches since the streets around are pretty narrow. With their guidance, we were able to draw out a map of where each bus would stage and how we would line them up.
Next, we had to put together a schedule of how the buses would depart. Our plan here was to send the buses out based on distance from hotel. The buses that had to travel the furthest would go first and the buses staying downtown would depart last.
The space inside the hotel was not conducive to staging 500 people for the tours, so we had to be sure that each tour group was strategically staged to not have a huge mass of people all in the same spot. With help from the hotel, they provided dedicated meeting spaces for us to stage each tour group. Our tour guides and staff were instrumental in ensuring that each guest went to the right spot. The meeting planner also passed on this information on the conference app. Of course, there were some folks who did not get the memo, but we had dedicated staff in the hotel lobby helping direct people where to go.
We communicated with each of the tour stops the importance of keeping everyone on a strict timed schedule. All of our tour partners were understanding of this and worked with our tour guides to ensure timelines were kept. There was one issue with some road closures in the downtown area that delayed guests getting to one of the destinations. The tour guide made the decision to go ahead and omit that tour stop and spend additional time at another tour stop on the timeline, which actually worked out well.
In the end, the tour program was a huge success despite many of the hurdles we came across. The client was pleased with the outcome and said the guests had a wonderful time.









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