Themed Event

This DMC team is excellent. We went through many proposals and changes throughout the planning process and on-site (as you know) and they always came through. They made my team look very good. Bravo to this team, what superstars.


Our client envisioned an event that would complement their trade show booth and leave a lasting impression on conference attendees. Key requirements included a venue within walking distance from the convention center, a unique location showcasing the iconic San Antonio Riverwalk, and a vibrant atmosphere filled with live music and artistic flair. The challenge lay in crafting an experience that seamlessly integrated the beach/boardwalk theme while aligning with the professionalism expected at a corporate conference. 


The CE Group’s DMC Team brought the client's vision to life through careful curation, introducing elements that resonated with the boardwalk theme. A Jimmy Buffet tribute band set the perfect rhythm, complemented by a custom sand sculpture bearing the company's logo. Custom screen-printed tote bags became personalized takeaways, alongside a caricature artist capturing the essence of the festivities. The event unfolded under the shade of orange and blue beach umbrellas, with the vibrancy of palm trees and beach plants completing the immersive experience.
The CE Group didn't stop at entertainment but incorporated their Creative Team extending their reach to sourcing tote bags, printing A-frame signs, and customizing menus with palm leaf accents. An orange VW Bus Specialty Bar became a focal point, surrounded by picnic tables for a laid-back vibe. To combat unexpected weather challenges, a rain plan was activated, resulting in tenting a significant portion of the event without compromising the beach/boardwalk ambiance.
The event went above and beyond client expectations with our innovative approach and attention to detail. The combination of the boardwalk theme, live entertainment, and personalized activations left the conference attendees with memories that will last a lifetime. Through seamlessly blending client preferences with our creative expertise, the CE Group elevated the client's presence at the Association of Corporate Counsel conference.
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